Keynote & Invited Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Session 1

Status and challenges of high NA EUV ECO-system

Kurt Ronse (imec, Belgium)
Session 6

Holistic Approaches Toward High NA EUV Lithography

Seiji Nagahara (Tokyo Electron Ltd., Japan)

Invited speakers

Session 1

Applications of EUV Metrology Tools

Matt Hettermann (EUV Tech, USA)

Session 2

Actinic patterned mask inspection for EUV Lithography

Toshiyuki Todoroki (Lasertec, Japan)

In-line Scanning Probe Technologies for Mask Defect Inspection and Repair

Sang-Joon Cho (PARK SYSTEMS, Korea)

Session 3

TELs Patterning Technologies for Next Generation Lithography Using Nanoimprint Lithography

Tomohito Yamaji (Tokyo Electron Ltd., Japan)

Session 4

Nanoimprint_From Sinlge DIE to Wafer Level

Christine Thanner (EV Group, Austria)

Session 5

High NA EUV: Progress update and mask impact

Jan van Schoot (ASML Netherlands B.V., Netherlands)

Session 7

The impact of real curve layout in Mask Data Preparation

Masakazu Hamaji (Nippon Control System Corporation, Japan)

You don't need 1nm contours for curvilinear shapes: Pixel-based computing is the answer

Abhishek Shendre (D2S, Inc., USA)

Session 9

Spatial frequency breakdown of CD variation

Tatiana Kovalevich (imec, Belgium)

ZEISS AIMS EUV High NA for Actinic Mask Review with EXE:5000 Scanner Emulation

Klaus Gwosch (Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH, Germany)

Session 10

11th eBeam Initiative Survey Reports EUV Fueling Photomask Industry Growth

Aki Fujimura (D2S, Inc., USA)

Session 11

Pixel-based Data Preparation System for Digital Scanner

Yuho Kanaya (NIKON CORPORATION, Japan)

Session 13

Multi-Beam Mask Writing: A versatile technology from mature to high-end nodes

Annette Schnettelker (IMS Nanofabrication GmbH, Austria)