Keynote & Invited Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Session 1

Innovations of Innovations In Photomasks

Jed H. Rankin (GlobalFoundries, USA)
Session 8

New opportunities for mask data preparation during time of unprecedented advances in semiconductor technology and demand

Srinivas Raghvendra (Synopsys, Inc., USA)
Session 13

Advanced and Affordable EUV Lithography with Deep-Dive Mitigation of ML Defects

Yoshihiro Tezuka (Intel K.K., Japan)

Invited speakers

Session 1

ICAPS Market Trends and Key Inflections Driving Growth in the Semiconductor Equipment Segment

Shiva Rai (Applied Materials, Inc., USA)

Session 3

EUV mask blanks review

Yoshiaki Ikuta (AGC Inc., Japan)

Development of EUV blanks -- History and future challenge--

Takahiro Onoue (HOYA Corporation, Japan)

Session 4

The current status of nano-imprint lithography and its future outlook toward carbon neutrality by 2050

Tetsuro Nakasugi (Kioxia Corporation, Japan)

Session 5

Optical Metasurfaces for Advanced Imaging

Masashi Miyata (NTT Device Technology Laboratories, Japan)

Nanostructured Plasmonic Metasurface Gives a "Hand" to Chiral Self-Assembly

Hiromasa Niinomi (Tohoku University, Japan)

Session 6

High-NA EUVL Exposure Tool: Program Progress and Mask Interaction

Jan van Schoot (ASML Netherlands B.V., Netherlands)

EUV Optics in high volume manufacturing

Christian Karlewski (Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH, Germany)

Session 7

The EUV mask exposed

Vicky Philipsen (IMEC, Belgium)

Session 9

Status of 'Curvilinear data format' working group

Jin Choi (Samsung Electronics Co Ltd., Korea)

Session 12

SEM Based Photo Mask Repair

Klaus Edinger (Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH, Germany)

Session 13

10th Annual eBeam Initiative Survey Reports Photomask Market Optimism

Aki Fujimura (D2S, Inc., USA)

Session 14

Actinic patterned mask defect inspection for EUV lithography

Tsunehito Kohyama (Lasertec Corporation, Japan)

Session 16

Characterization of mask CD mean-to-target for hotspot patterns by using SEM image contours

Kan Zhou (Shanghai Huali Integrated Circuit Corporation, China)

Session 17

Multi-beam Mask Writer Technology Taking The Next Step

Mathias TOMANDL (IMS Nanofabrication GmbH, Austria)